I the calm Karen millen dresses time looking

I the calm Karen millen dresses time looking

2 people are silent along while, I am really unbearable curious, ask:"You that Karen millen dresses evening why Karen millen dresses sad?"His staring at along while in Karen millen dresses the Karen millen dresses afar don't utter a word.I waited a meeting, light tone way:"Being if difficult is saying."He Karen millen dresses again Mo a small meeting, way:"Nothing important in fact also.Is me that day the date of the death of sum Niang."

I'' a , the side head looking at him, temporarily didn't know what good, have to and turn to turn head to looking at afar silent.Led a short while again, he was strong to smile two- track:"On same days in a lot of year agos, the sum Niang married an emperor Ma."

I finish listenning to, the in the mind cans not help very is feel sad for him.A woman finished Karen millen dresses walking like this whole life.At present only afraid in addition to her son, again no one remembers she is when at such as flower beautiful looks of time get married of, again is when in the passing moment exactly the time leave.But the person who originally should remember all these, but because of full of the whole world but is not likely to remember he is when take pleased call to pick to open a jade Jiao the red cover head of the Yan.

Thought of at ten the day of the elder brother's great marriage, 13 face full hall stab Karen millen dresses an eye of red, in the heart but is a greatly aggrieved one white.Really is a too much to bear!In the mind originally because he is stupid that day but the inching disaffection for having completely disappear.Remaining Be infinite to sympathize with.

2 people are quiet quiet need a long time.He takes to smile Karen millen dresses an idea and turns a head to looking at me to ask:"You since not like ten elder brothers, again why do I see you sing a song for him?Why again the everyones all say do you grow crazy for him?"I the side head thought carefully to think and asked:"Know when guest's beginning of Ji Ran sees a red Buddha female red Buddha at stem what?"He a little bit Zheng for a while, slowly deliberate to return to way:"The red Buddha is combing hair!"I a smile premojrfn to say:"The men and women's can also such as the guest of Ji Ran and the red Buddha female of!Each other concerns care, but doesn't close romantic, is sincerely!"He hears here, the facial facial expression very changes countenance and stares at me, I the calm Karen millen dresses time looking at him.Led a long time, he said:"Like a 'do not close romantic, is sincerely'!"I see the meaning that he comprehend me, also very happy, after all between the ancient opposite sex equal comity only afraid fresher, only afraid majority of people can not accept.2 people can not help mutually seeing a to smile.

I see the person good elephant of afar being just preparing to leave.The station starts a way:"Should return to!"He with my station rise body, suddenly ask:"Drink how are several cups?"My Ya however ground looking at him, his dynasty I warmly a smile.My at heart also cans not help warm and of, generously say:"Having can not?"He tooks a look a horse and asks a way:"Totally ride one Ji?"I a say with smile:"BE not a first time either!"